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The Monograph Collection: 3 Booklets

The Monograph Collection: 3 Booklets

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The following three booklets are included in this monograph collection:
  • Introductory Lectures on General Semantics
  • General Semantics Monograph III
  • General Semantics Monograph IV

Introductory Lectures on General Semantics

by Francis P. Chisholm

Focuses on the important contributions general semantics can make to general education and “the gravity of the problems involved in all science and human evaluation which arise from the necessary limitations of human formulations.” 1944, 14th printing, (1983). ISBN 0-910780-05-6. vi + 126 pp.

General Semantics Monograph III: "A Theory of Meaning Analyzed: Two Papers from the Second American Congress on General Semantics"

Foreword by Alfred Korzybski and M. Kendig

Especially valuable for its Foreword by Korzybski and Kendig, which includes a discussion of the "logical fate" diagram and consequences of a change in premises, this monograph presents two papers plus a supplementary paper.
  • "A Critique of I. A. Richards' Theory of Language and Literature" by Thomas Clark Pollock
  • "Elementalism: The Effect of an Implicit Postulate of Identity on I.A. Richards' Theory of Poetic Value" by Josh Gordon Spaulding
  • Supplementary Paper: "The Lexicographer and General Semantics" by Allen Walker Read
1942. ISBN 0-910780-03-X. xvi +64 pp.

General Semantics Monograph IV: "Scientific Epistemologic Backgrounds of General Semantics"

Foreword by Alfred Korzybski and M. Kendig

Six lectures by Marjorie A. Swanson on electro-colloidal structures given at general semantics seminar-workshops. Swanson develops an understanding of scientific methods, relates colloidal behavior to semantic reactions, deals with aspects of epistemology, and discusses ethical consequences derived from science. This monograph can be profitably read in conjunction with Book III of Science and Sanity or as a necessary minimum of scientific awareness without which the reader's general semantics might degenerate into mere 'philosophy,' 'linguistics,' etc. 1959. ISBN 0-910780-04-8. viii + 81 pp.

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