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PDF Version: General Semantics Bulletin Nos. 38, 39 & 40 (1971-1973)

PDF Version: General Semantics Bulletin Nos. 38, 39 & 40 (1971-1973)

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General Semantics Bulletin

Nos. 38, 39 & 40 (1971-1973)

Download a searchable PDF of this volume, featuring:

"On 'Facts'" by Alfred Korzybski

"General Semantics in the Prevention of Stuttering" by Franklin H. Silverman and Ellen-Marie Silverman

"'Psychosemantic' (Iatrogenic) Disorders of Communication" by Joseph L. Stewart

"Invariance As a Criterion of Reality (Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture 1971)" by Henry Margenau

"They Don't Talk English 'Like They Used To'" by Laurence Urdang

"Formalism vs. Interpretation - An Issue Revisited" by Wolfgang Yourgrau

BELLE BLOOM Wholeness on the Way" by Belle Bloom

"'Why Non-Aristotelian?'" by John L. Schimel

"Is-less and Other Grammars" by Robert Ian Scott

"Buckminster Fuller, The Synergetic Man" by Norman Spinrad

"Interview with Buckminster Fuller, Excerpts" by Harold L. Drake

"Why Sweet Milk May Cause Cancer" by J. Gordon Roberts

"... To Talk of Many Things" by M. Kendig

"Sentics, Kirlian Photography and Psychosomatic Illness" by Stanley Krippner

"Therapy in the Context of Trigant Burrow's Group Analysis, with review of Vom Sein und vom Sinn. Bericht über ein frühes Erlebnis by Fredric Wertham" by Alfreda Galt

"Extensions of the Structural Differential and Their Use in Internalizing Communication Formulations" by Thaddeus J. Pula

"Semantics of Sex Related Words" by William Arnold and Roger Libby

"Translation and Transformation: New Roles for Research" by John W. Kneller

"Actualizing Our Potentialities: Multiordinality For Self-actualization and Health" by Allen Flagg

Plus About Authors, Book Comments, a Special Supplement titled "A Focus for Korzybski Centennial 1979," plus other items.

Please note that the cover image is not included in the searchable PDF.

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