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PDF Version: General Semantics Bulletin Nos. 32 & 33 (1965-1966)

PDF Version: General Semantics Bulletin Nos. 32 & 33 (1965-1966)

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General Semantics Bulletin

Nos. 32 & 33 (1965-1966)

Download a searchable PDF of this volume, featuring:

"Introduction of Henry Lee Smith, Jr." by Allen Walker Read

"The Modalities of Human Communication (Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture 1965)" by Henry Lee Smith, Jr.

"Changing Theories of Resistance to Change" by Kenneth G. Johnston

"On the Dichotomy of 'Organic' and 'Functional' Diseases" by Russell Meyers

"Individuality and Its Limits" by John W. Gardner

"Apropos the Neanderthal Man in the Automobile" by Henri Laborit

"Exploring Relations Between Organismic Patterns and Korzybskian Relations" by Charlotte Schuchardt Read

"The Physical Basis of Life and Learning" by Francis O. Schmitt

"Reflections on the Word Order" by G. C. Waterston

"Abstracting, Identification and the Principle of Least Action" by Buryl Payne

"Water; and Some Other Problems" by John Magee

"Work and Energy are Misleading Concepts" by John P. Decker

"A General Model for Information Transfer Systems" by D. David Bourland, Jr., and Robert P. McManus

"Have We Lost Our Wary in the Jungle of Mangement Theory?" by Lyndall F. Urwick

"Automation and Management Philosophy" by Robert W. Dvorsky

"An Investigation of the Effect of Instruction in General Semantics on 'Critical Reading' Ability" by Howard Livingston

"The Psychological Study of Intuition" by Malcolm R. Westcott

Essays from a panel titled "How Is Education Succeeding or Failing in Its Communication Task?":

"An Experimental Study" by Thomas M. Weiss
"General Semantics and the Frontiers of Teacher Education" by Frederci Mitchell
"An Experiment with General Semantics in a Home and Family Relations Class" by Helen Cleveland
"Communication and Social Gerontology" by Mona Willis Campbell
"Teaching Techniques Congruent to a General Semantics Teacher" by Donald E. Walrafen
"From Communication-as-an-Exchange-of-Ideas to Communication-as-a-Creative-Process" by J. Samuel Bois
"A Linguistic Note: Writing in E-Prime" by D. David Bourland Jr.
"Non-aristotelian Developments in Related Disciplines" by Gail E. Myers
"Can Alcohol Help Cure Neurosis?" by J. Gordon Roberts
"General Semantics in High School English: An Analysis" by Charles Rennie Hicklin

Plus Book Comments and a Memoriam for Wendell Johnson.

Please note that the cover image is not included in the searchable PDF.

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