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PDF Version: General Semantics Bulletin No. 62 (1995)

PDF Version: General Semantics Bulletin No. 62 (1995)

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General Semantics Bulletin

No. 62 (1995)

Download a searchable PDF of this volume, featuring:

"Fuzzy Logic: Issues, Contentions and Perspectives (Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture 1994)" by Lotfi A. Zadeh

"Fuzzy Logic and General-Semantics in Everyday Life" by Susan Presby Kodish and Bruce I. Kodish

"Artificial Intelligence and General Semantics" Alan L. Meyrowitz

"Neuroscience Update1995" by Robert P. Pula

"The Tao of Korzybski?" by Aat Dekker

"Mathsemantics: Making Numbers Talk Sense" by Edward MacNeal

"Reversals of Reversals of Reversals" by Robert P. Pula

"How to "Grow" an Affiliate" by Gregg Hoffmann

Plus Book Comments, News, and other items.

Please note that the cover image is not included in the searchable PDF.

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