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PDF Version: General Semantics Bulletin No. 47 (1980)

PDF Version: General Semantics Bulletin No. 47 (1980)

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General Semantics Bulletin

No. 47 (1980)

Download a searchable PDF of this volume, featuring:

Special Commemorative Issue: 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Alfred Korzybski, 1879-1979

"An Appreciation" by Charlotte Schuchardt Read

"Korzybski in the Electronic Village: 2001 (Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture 1979" by Don Fabun

Essays from the Centennial Conference on General Semantics:

"A Personal Perspective" by Charlotte Schuchardt Read

"Pronunciation Guide" by Robert P. Pula

"Korzybski's Polish Matrix" by Robert P. Pula

"Formative Influences on Korzybski's General Semantics" by Allen Walker Read

"An Interview Held with Helen Hafner, Mary Morain and David Waggoner, MD" by Douglas Gordon Campbell

"Backing Up into the Future" by Harry Holtzman

"Manhood of Humanity (An Imaginative Interpretation)" by Theodore P. Daly

"Time-Binder: A Tribute to Alfred Korzybski" by Anton Rolland

"Reflexology and the Internal Universe" by W. Horsley Gantt

"The Place of Aristotelian Logic in Non-Aristotelian Evaluating : Einstein, Korzybski and Popper" by Stuart A. Mayper

"Complete Severance From Traditions" by C. A. Hilgartner

"Alfred Korzybski and the Computer Transition" by Perry Crawford, Jr.

Plus In Memoriam, a panel discussion, Errata, and other items.

Please note that the cover image is not included in the searchable PDF.

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