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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 80:3

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 80:3

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Letter from the Editor;  Christopher W. Mayer, "The Truth Is Not Out There: Korzybskian Themes in the Work of Richard Rorty"; Lance Strate, "The And"; Tiffany Petricini, "ChatGPT: Everything to Everyone all at Once"; Stephen Roxborough, "years ago (in galaxies far far away)"; Martin H. Levinson, "Dating Antisemitism: A Case Study"; Milton Dawes, "A Few Words About my Use of “Meta”"; John Rullo. "Artificial Love"; Eleni Chatzi, "The Buried History Within the Buried History"; Xristos Xousos, "The Crystal Gazer"; Martin H. Levinson, "Dating America’s Response to Alcohol: An Historical Overview"; Heather M. Crandall, "Civil Communication"; Jack Conley, Estafania Orjuela Parre, and Ashwin Vaidya, "A Semantic Guide for the Climate Perplexed"; David Miller, "Blend (for Sandy Bull)"; Joseph N. Agostino. "Institutionalization and Family Relationships of the Elderly"; Stan Kozikowski, "Othello’s Semantics of Body, Mind and Soul: America’s Racist Presidents, Devalued Higher Education, and Debased Priesthood"; Mary Lahman, "Practice Language Behaviors that Engage Others in Civil Discourse"; Josh Dold and Mary Lahman, "Action Plan: Non-Identity"; Wendy Mushenye and Mary Lahman, "Action Plan: Non-Identity"; Mary Lahman, "Moving Action Plans to Case Studies"; Samantha Campbell and Mary Lahman, "Traffic Stop Miscommunication: A Case Study"; Hope Gebhart, Adrianna Shires, and Mary Lahman, "A 'Free' Lesson in General Semantics"; Martin H. Levinson, Book Reviews 

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