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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 80:2

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 80:2

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Letter from the Editor; Corey Anton, "A Dialogue with ChatGPT about Nonidentity: A Demonstration of a Range of Basic AI Capabilities"; Maria Polski & Olga Hazanova, "Introduction to the Work of Yuri Rozhdestvensky"; Alexandre Lobodanov, "Types of Communication in Semiotic Systems"; Natalia Guermanova, "Yuri Rozhdestvensky on Patterns of Cultural Evolution, Language Standardization, and Media Ecology"; Olga E. Hazanova, "Yuri Rozhdestvensky on Speech Media in the Light of his Philosophy of Language and Culture, and in Dialogue with Marshall McLuhan"; Anna A. Novikova, "Transmedia Storytelling in Education as a Practice of Media Ecology"; Liudmila Salieva, "New Media Environment, Challenges of Modern Education, and the Old Art of Rhetoric"; Dale Winslow, "Salutation and Soft Deception"; Peter Zhang, Richard John Lynn & Chen Bing, "Jiucai (Chinese Chives) Song"; Jane Blanchard, "Early August"; Jane Blanchard, "Bird Feeder"; Carmine Giordano, "Ding An Sich"; Richard Fiordo, "Words and Things"; Julian Costa, "Ode to a Star"; Martin H. Levinson, Book Reviews

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