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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 79:1-2

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 79:1-2

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Letter from the Editor; Postman’s Legacy in a “Post-Truth” Landscape of Algorithmic Propaganda - Renee Hobbs; Between a Korzybskian Non-Allness and Mcluhan Allatonceness: The Rebirth of Irony in a Post-COVID-19 Epoch - Adeena Karasick; Respecting the Territory: Self-determined and Relational Technology in Indigenous Language Revitalization - Paul J. Meighan; Labeling in a Politically Correct Environment: A Study of Three Articles in ETC - Robert Barry Francos; Media Evolution—the Evolution of What? Thoughts on the Margins of Paul Levinson’s Human Replay (2017 [1978]) - Andrey Mir; An Open Letter to Vladimir Putin - Milton Dawes; Kenneth Burke, Neil Postman, and Grandma - Joshua Clements; Interdisciplinary Possibilities of General Semantics - Maria Polski; José Saramago’s Cain: Rewriting a Fallen Hero’s Journey through Time - Jyotsna Mayadas; Consumer Adoption of Virtual Reality Technologies - Agon Shehu; Hamlet Unread, America Lost, Language Unwritten, Earth Diminished: The Restorative Work and Worth of General Textual Semantics - Stan Kozikowski; Interstellar and the Beauty in Science - Elizabeth Jerse; Starship Troopers: Making Fascism Sexy Again - Michael Leifer; The Soul of America - Amy Malburg; Zen Buddhism and General Semantics - Em Hodgson; Situations of a Certain Type and Phone-tapping 101: A General Semantics Critique of Lloyd Bitzer’s “The Rhetorical Situation” - Tim Lyons; Distal Shift: A Spatial Consequence of Discrimination Learning - Joseph N. Agostino; A Quick Look at the Bathrooms of Belgium, the Netherlands and France - Suzanne G. Beyer; The Liar - Xristos Xousos; Nothing in the Universe - Xristos Xousos; Premises - Jane Blanchard; Season’s Greetings - Jane Blanchard; Dear Grandma - David Linton

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