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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 78:3-4

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 78:3-4

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ETC: A Review of General Semantics Volume 78, Numbers 3 and 4 Contents: Letter from the Editor; In Memoriam: Paul Dennithorne Johnston – Charles G. Russell; Remembrance: Paul Johnston – Martin H. Levinson; Cultivating Metacognition: Exploring Relations Between Literacy and Modes of Thinking – Corey Anton; Excerpts from Dear Fellow Time-Binder: Letters on General Semantics –
Chris Mayer; My Lambda Pi Eta Lecture – Lance Strate; Indexing American Overthrows of Foreign Governments – Martin H. Levinson; Prof on First – David Sobelman; How I Became an Ecologist – Rex Weyler; Grandpa McCoy’s Three Questions: Mapping Our way Across the Digital Divide – Robert Albrecht; Critical Moral Thinking: Some Stars to Steer By – Jeffrey Scheuer; A Dialogue on Language – Peter Zhang and Robert Smit; There’s Only 1 Train: All Aboard the Cosmopolitan Canopy from 242nd St. to South Ferry – Deirdre Heavey; Closure and Flexibility of Closure as it Relates to Perception and Inductive Reasoning – Joseph N. Agostino;  Closure in Perception: An Overview – Joseph N. Agostino; General Semantics Actions Plans: Action Plan: Non-Allness: Jora Barnes and Mary Lahman;  Action Plan: Self-Reflexiveness – Kaleigh Gabriel and Mary Lahman; Moving Action Plans to Case Studies; Action Plan: Self-Reflexiveness – Erin Hickle and Mary Lahman; The Social Media Debate: How Might Quotes, Hyphens, and En-Dashes Help Us Reach New Understanding – Erin Hickle, Marissa Carr, and Mary Lahman; Poems: Enantiodromia – Xristos Xousos; The Virtual Feast – David Linton; Self – NonistJohn Case Schaeffer; Book Reviews,  Martin H. Levinson, Book Review Editor: Shariatmadari, David. Don’t Believe a Word: The Surprising Truth About Language. New York: Norton, 2019.

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