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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 77:3-4

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 77:3-4

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ETC: A Review of General Semantics

77:3-4 (2020)

Download a searchable PDF of this double issue, featuring: "Legality’s Plot to Murder Ethics: A Myth for Our Times" by Corey Anton "Alfred Korzybski and... Warren Buffet" by Christopher W. Mayer "The Ethics of Innovation" by Lance Strate "Entropy Binding: A General Semantics of Environmental Consciousness" by Ashwin Vaidya "Pandemic Language: A Battle for Control over More than the Virus" by Laura Tropp and Susan Behrens "A General Semanticist View of the COVID Pandemic" by Savitha Sukumar "COVID-19: A Metaphorical Analysis" by Sabrina Boyd "From Aristophanes to Stephen Colbert: Time-Binding Western Satire" by Martin H. Levinson "Crossword Puzzles: Mapping the Territory" by Martin H. Levinson "Listener’s Guide to the Institute of General Semantics 1948 Summer Seminar-Workshop Audio Recordings" by Ben Hauck "Jo Creelman’s Creative Writing Pieces Related in Different Ways to General Semantics" by Pete Creelman and Jo Creelman "Bureaucratic Ethos in Urban Legends" by Brett Lunceford "Lost in Thought versus Down-to-Earth Orientations—Advancing the Interplay of Intensional and Extensional Meanings: A Small Step" by Richard Fiordo "Metaphor Analysis" by Sanhaya Soi "A Symphony of Languages" by Suzanne G. Beyer "Living Better with General Semantics: Updating Outdated Beliefs to Become Better Aligned with Reality" by Jaison Tremain Poems: "Mind Reading" by Kay Prevallet "Asteroid (after Laura Owens)" by Kay Prevallet Plus Book Reviews and Letter from the Editor.

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