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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 76:1-2 (2019)

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 76:1-2 (2019)

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ETC: A Review of General Semantics

76:1-2 (2019)

Download a searchable PDF of this double issue, featuring: "Beyond Either-or: Creativity’s Antithetical Traits" by Martin H. Levinson "General Semantics and Logotherapy" by Martin H. Levinson "Time, Memory, and Media Ecology" by Lance Strate "And Now for Something Completely Different: What Are We Studying in Semantics, and General Semantics?" by Ben Hauck "General Semantics’ Psychotherapeutic Use: The General Semantics Debate to Face Uncertainty" by Isabel Caro Gabalda "Culture: An Alternative Conception of Space-Binding" by Thom Gencarelli "'We Don’t Need No Education': Language or Logic?" by Michael Moore "The Height of Identification: Metaphorizing Corporeality and Illness" by Bini B. S. "General Semantics for Babies and Their Parents" by Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer "Origins of Popaganda" by Paul Lippert "Literary Applications of General Textual Semantics: New Sources and Understandings of Hamlet (Part I)" by Stan Kozikowski "Waze’s Impact on Ways" by Michaela Lynch "Hashtag’s Impact on the News" by Sajani Mantri "Communication: Three Pedagogical Paradigms" by Peter Zhang "The London Effect as We Know It" by Peter Zhang "Consciousness Revisited: A Buddhist Perspective, Offered as a Response to Lance Strate" by Tim Lyons "Arguing Semantics" by Spencer Arnault "An Action Plan for Nonidentity" by Courtney Zentz and Mary Lahman "Feminist1 Isn’t Feminist2; Anti-feminist1 Isn’t Anti-feminist2" by Alex Cote and Mary Lahman "Miscommunication in the Egyptian Museum: A Case Study" by Destinee Boutwell and Mary Lahman "Time-Binding Plan: Journey to Recovery" by Mikaylie Whybrew and Mary Lahman "Time-Binding Plan for Truth and Identity Triggers" by Brandon Burgess and Mary Lahman Two Poems: "Fraught" by Jane Blanchard "To the End of the Age" by Jane Blanchard Plus Letter from the Editor and Book Reviews

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