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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 65:2 (April 2008)

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 65:2 (April 2008)

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ETC: A Review of General Semantics

65:2 (April 2008)

Download a searchable PDF of this issue, featuring:

"Message from the Executive Director" by Lance Strate

54th Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture:

"The Alphabet versus the Goddess: The Conflict between Word & Image" by Leonard Shlain

"Excerpt from 2001: A Space Odyssey" by Arthur C. Clarke

"I Remember Being Born" by Loel Burket Shuler

Poetry Ring:

"An Account, Korzybski Old Chap, of This Thing of Ours" by Lance Strate
"Shark Value" by David Conroy
"Silent Resonance" by Dale Winslow

"Why Johnny Has Difficulty Making His Point: General Semantics, Critical Thinking, and Student Writing" by Tim Lyons

"Examining Five 'Over/Under-Defined' Terms Used in American Political Discourse" by Martin H. Levinson

"How Pseudo-Scientists Get Away with It" by Lloyd Morain

"SELF" by John Schaeffer

"When Is a Wall Not a Wall?" by Paul Dennithorne Johnston

"Arts Reporting and the Gradation of Abstraction" by Domenica Bongiovanni

"Mapping Instruction with Media" by Maurine Eckloff and Nanette Hogg

"Do Words Have Inherent Meaning?" by David E. Wright, Sr.

"Misunderstanding Media: A Blurrgy 'Vision of Students Today'" by Gary Mielo and James Rawlins

Metaphors in Action:

"Global Warming as a Metaphor" by Raymond Gozzi, Jr.

Plus In This Issue, Quotes from Arthur C. Clarke, Book Reviews, Retrospect, and Dates and Indexes.

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