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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 61:4 (December 2004)

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 61:4 (December 2004)

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ETC: A Review of General Semantics

61:4 (December 2004)

Download a searchable PDF of this issue, featuring:

"Introduction" by Steve Stockdale

Tribute to Allen Walker Read:

"Allen Walker Read, American Scholar" by Richard W. Bailey
"In Memoriam: Allen Walker Read (1906-2002)" by Jesse Levitt
"The Geolinguistics of Verbal Taboo" by Allen Walker Read
"Language Revision by Deletion of Absolutisms" by Allen Walker Read
Plus: "A Bibliography of Allen Walker Read's Articles"

General Semantics across the Curriculum:

“The Worlds in Which We Live" by J.S. Bois
“'In Shorts' from Language Habits in Human Affairs" by Irving J. Lee
“The Use of General Semantics in Teaching the Language Skills in the Eighth Grade" by Dona W. Brown
“Teaching General Semantics to Those Less Likely to Succeed: A Teaching Experience with High School Dropouts" Alfred Fleishman
“What We Observed in Teaching General Semantics" by Catherine Minteer
“Education and the Modern World" by Joseph Brewer
“Re-Education in Reading: A Report of Applications of General Semantics in Remedial Work in Reading" by O.R. Bontrager
“The Use of GS in the Motivation of a Select Group of High School Students: Summary of a Project" by Sonia Leskow
“General Semantics Methodology in College English Teaching: Report of Results in a Freshman English Course at Syracuse University" by Francis P. Chisholm
“You Can’t Write Writing" by Wendell Johnson
“A General Semantics Course in the School of Journalism" by Earl English
“Defining Terms or Describing Things?" by Elton S. Carter
“To Be or Not to Be: E-Prime as a Tool for Critical Thinking" by D. David Bourland, Jr.
“A Short Explanation of the Structural Differential" by Charlotte S. Read
“Introduction of Alfred Korzybski" by Stuart Chase
“On General Semantics and Physico-Mathematical Method" by Alfred Korzybski
“On Sensory Awareness" by Charlotte S. Read
“Abstractions of Visual Abstracting" by Harry Holtzman
“General Semantics in Teaching an Introductory Course in Aesthetics" by Marian Van Tuyl
“Preliminary Notes for a Semantics of Music" by Stanley Fletcher
“How Scientific is Social Science?" by Raymond W. Mack
“General Semantics and the Teaching of Mathematics" by Irvin H. Brune
“Science, Common Sense and Decency" by Irving Langmuir
“On Structure and Survival" by William Vogt
“Law Talk and Words Consciousness" by Walter Probert
“Comments Responding to Probert’s 'Law Talk and Words Consciousness'" by Allen Walker Read
“Horticulture as a Field for Investigation of Semantic Reactions" by David Fairchild
“Some Implications of General Semantics Methodology for Social Work" by Eleanor Parkhurst
“General Semantics in the Practice of a Consulting Psychologist" by Hartwell E. Scarbrough
“Foreword to 'Science Teaching and the Humanities'" by Philipp Frank" by Anatol Rapoport
“Science Teaching and the Humanities (Introduction)" by Philipp Frank
“Epistemology and Responsibility of the Mass Media" by Kenneth G. Johnson
“Ethics of Time-Binding" by S. I. Hayakawa
“Avoiding the Dangers of Semantic Adolescence" by Ann Dix Meiers
“After You Have Studied General Semantics" by Wendell Johnson

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