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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 32:1 (March 1975)

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 32:1 (March 1975)

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ETC: A Review of General Semantics

32:1 (March 1975)

Download a searchable PDF of this issue, featuring:

"What's New with English?" by Gertrude H. Block

"Semantic Principles and Performance Objectives" by William W. West

"As a Machine Testifies (Verse)" by Elizabeth Bartlett

"Introduction to the Revised Edition of How to Live with a 'Neurotic'" by Albert Ellis

"Intensional and Extensional Orientations in Rock and Roll Music" by John Wanzenried and Vincent Di Salvo

"Towards a Unified Concept of Reality" by Steven Bartlett

"Tell Me (Verse)" by Christopher Fahy

"Suicide, Semantics, and Self" by Bob Hunt

"Public Relations Aspects of Credit and Collection Procedure" by Alfred Fleishman

"The Poem As Photograph (Verse)" by Joseph McLaughlin

"Rape Is a Four-Letter Word" by Muriel R. Schulz

"Geometry (Verse)" by Joan Colby

"An Elemental Factoring of Time" by John P. Decker

"The Dream (Verse)" by Gretchen Fassin

"The Joy of Sex--For Whom?" by F. L. Marcuse

"You See... (Verse)" by A. G. Wynne Field

"Referent (Verse)" by Elizabeth Carr

"The Pathology of Communication" by John Beale

Plus Book Reviews, Dates and Indexes, and photographs by Charles A. Malpede.

Please note that the cover image is not included in the searchable PDF.

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