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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 30:4 (December 1973)

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 30:4 (December 1973)

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ETC: A Review of General Semantics

30:4 (December 1973)

Download a searchable PDF of this issue, featuring:

"Changing the Calendar (Verse)" by Joan Colby

"Editor's Page" by Thomas M. Weiss

"Extensional Orientation and the Energy Problem" by William R. Catton

"Language, Behavior, and Progress" by Harold F. Vollmer

"Conversation Piece (Verse)" by D. L. Emblen

"Corporate Prose: Figures and Finance" by Hermann G. Stelzner

"Keeping Time (Verse)" by Donald Finkel

"Barriers to Effective Managementof Occupational Safety and Health" by Ernest Levens

"Genius into Moron--and Back?" by H. A. Shearring

"A Primitive Model of the Observing-Thinking Process" by Dennis H. Sapp

"A Program of the Self" by Monte H. Liebman

"Snow (Verse)" by Evelyn Eaton

"Widow (Verse)" by Constance Urdang

"Applied General Semantics: A Real Chore from a Personal Point of View" by Maucie Miller

"The Semantics of Sexism" by Sharon Crowley

"Passover (Verse)" by Joy Stoll Danzig

"Word Bridges" by Elizabeth Bartlett


"Comment on 'So You Think You Can Write?'" by Margaret F. O'Connell
"In Defense of B. F. Skinner" by Kay Gary
"What's General Semantics? A Collection of Definitions" by Robert Wanderer

Plus Dates and Indexes and other items.

Please note that the cover image is not included in the searchable PDF.

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