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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 29:4 (December 1972)

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 29:4 (December 1972)

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ETC: A Review of General Semantics

29:4 (December 1972)

Download a searchable PDF of this issue, featuring:

"After the Solipsist Died (Verse)" by Steven Bartlett

"America by Moonlight (Verse)" by Joan Colby

"Homo Sapiens as Model Maker" by J. Samuel Bois

"Small Flower (Verse)" by Mark Stephen Osaki

"Models, Analogy, and Theory Construction in Physics" by Bart F. Kennedy

"From General Semantics versus Logic to General Semantics and Logic" by Eugene C. Gingerich

"Concurrent Ontogenetic Process Systems: Conceptual Framework for Social Work" by S. H. Deutsch

"Self-Reflexiveness in Teaching-Learning Processes" by Bernard Chalip

"The Metamorphosis (Verse)" by Larry Rubin

"When You Run Away in Words (Verse)" by Frederick Zydek

"Metaphor of the Game" by Weller Embler

"Poetry for Peace" by Elizabeth Bartlett

"Mankind in the Orchestra of Nature" by Elwood Murray

"The Language of Inequality" by Elizabeth Burr, Susan Dunn, and Norma Farquhar

"So You Think You Can Write?" by Steuart Henderson Britt

"Will Broadcasting Survive?" by Lee Loevinger

"Audience (Verse)" by Suzanne Lummis

Plus Book Reviews, Book Notes, Dates and Indexes, and other items.

Please note that the cover image is not included in the searchable PDF.

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