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PDF Version: Communication 7:2 (May 1983)

PDF Version: Communication 7:2 (May 1983)

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"Philosophies of Communication"

7:2 (May 1983) - Edited by Lee Thayer

Made available for free download from the IGS Store with permission from Gordon and Breach, Science Publishers, Inc.

Download a searchable PDF of this issue, featuring:

 "Issue Editors' Introduction" by Richard L. Conville and John O'Neill

"'Realizing': Observations on the Anti-Philosophical State of the Study of Communication in Anglo-America" by Lee Thayer

"The Traditionl of Rhetorci and the Philosophy of Communication" by Thomas B. Farrell

"Classical Rhetoric and Communication Theory" by Derrick de Kerckhove

"Rhetorically, Man Dwells: On the Making-Known Function of Discourse" by Michael J. Hyde

"Televideo Ergo Sum: Some Hypotheses on the Specular Functions of the Media" by John O'Neill

"Merleau-Ponty on Metajournalism: Signs, Emblems, and Appeals in the Poetry of Truth" by Richard L. Lanigan

"Keeping the Conversation Going: The Principle of Dialectic Ethics" by Stanleyl Deetz

"Conflicting Philosophies of Rhetoric/Communication: Richard M. Weaver versus S. I. Hayakawa" by Richard L. Johannesen

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