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PDF Version: Communication 4:2 (November 1979)

PDF Version: Communication 4:2 (November 1979)

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"Explorations in Communication IV"

4:2 (November 1979) - Edited by Lee Thayer

Made available for free download from the IGS Store with permission from Gordon and Breach, Science Publishers, Inc.

Download a searchable PDF of this issue, featuring:

 "Paradigm Change in Communications Research" by Hans Mathias Kepplinger

"Television and Aggression Revisited: An Interview with Seymour Feshbach Ten Years Later" by Jib Fowles and Seymour Feshbach

"On What to Look at When Analyzing Communication: A Hierarchical Model of Actors' Meanings" by W. Barnett Pearce, Vernon E. Cronen, and Forrest Conklin

"Communication and Interaction: A Parallel in the Theoretical Outlooks of Erving Goffman and Ray Birdwhistell" by Samuel C. Heilman

"Interpersonal Communication and Behavior" by Robert S. Goyer

"Communication as Systems in Transaction" by J. Samuel Bois

"The Problem of the Image: Can There Be Information in Prepositions?" by Frode J. Strømnes

"Meaning and Communication" by John P. Beale

Plus Editor's Preface.

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