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MP3 Album: Robert Pula's General Semantics Seminar

MP3 Album: Robert Pula's General Semantics Seminar

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Robert Pula's General Semantics Seminar

by Robert P. Pula

MP3 Album

General semantics is the study of relationships between symbol systems and nervous systems as expressed in behavior.

- Bob Pula

Bob Pula gave these lively and entertaining lectures during a general semantics weekend seminar in 1979 in San Diego, California.  Noted for his rigorous approach to general semantics, Pula served for many years as the lead lecturer at the Institute of General Semantics seminar-workshops.  Some of those involved in the field consider this recording the most korzybskian of post-korzybskian expositions on general semantics. 13 Tracks: FRIDAY 1. General Semantics SATURDAY 2. Statement of Fact and Inference 3. Epistemology 4. Theory of Knowledge 5. Abstracting 6. Structural Differential 7. Consciousness of Abstracting 8. Non-Verbal Training SUNDAY 9. Bibliography 10. Multi-Meaning 11. Multiordinality 12. Semantic Reactions 13. Other Principles Approximate Running Time: 5:04:29 Available as a downloadable .zip file including 13 .mp3 audio files, an informational .pdf, and cover images. (Note: The .zip file is 415MB and will take a little time to download.) Originally available as 6 audio cassettes. Album IV-D.

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