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MP3 Album: IGS 1948 Summer Seminar-Workshop

MP3 Album: IGS 1948 Summer Seminar-Workshop

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The Institute of General Semantics 1948 Summer Seminar-Workshop

MP3 Album

Expanded version 2.00 (December 28, 2021) includes multiple uncovered lectures by Alfred Korzybski and uncovered additional lecturing by Irving J. Lee Listen to around 24 hours of audio recordings from the IGS Summer Seminar-Workshop at Millbrook School, recorded in August and September 1948. The recordings reflect a wide range of speakers, general semantics lessons, and teacher-student interactions. They were digitized and enhanced in 2020-2021 from reels rescued from the Institute of General Semantics archives. Included with the MP3 album of 62 audio files is the Listener's Guide for IGS 1948 Summer Seminar-Workshop by Ben Hauck, which meticulously brings together archival information about the course -- from its planning to names of those in attendance, and more. In addition to Alfred Korzybski lecturing on a wide range of topics in the seminar portion of the retreat, and introducing Douglas Kelley at a point, the following general semantics lecturers speak in the recordings on these subjects and others:
  • Stuart Chase - House on Un-American Activities
  • William Exton, Jr. - Audio-Visual Aids, Maps, Non-Verbal Symbols
  • Harry Holtzman - Visual Art; Abstract Art
  • Douglas Kelley - Work of Adelbert Ames, Jr., Psychiatry, Structure, Function of the Human Nervous System, Conditioned Reflexes; On Magic; Prejudice, and Question & Answer Session
  • M. Kendig - Introduction to Allen Walker Read; Neuro-Linguistic, Neuro-Semantic Environments on Teaching and Writing General Semantics
  • Irving J. Lee - Statements of Fact, Inferencing; Question & Answer Session
  • Allen Walker Read - Semantic Guide
  • Sam Rosen - Using General Semantics in Medical Situations
Approximate Running Time: ~24 hours These audio recordings and listener's guide complement the motion picture produced during the 1948 course:   This audio collection is available as a downloadable ZIP file including 62 MP3 audio files and a listener's guide PDF with photographs. NOTE: The ZIP file is 270MB, a large file. You have 4 days from the moment of purchase to complete the download, and 4 attempts to succeed.  Only order when you have enough time to download the file to a computer or external hard drive with enough space. To open the ZIP, you may need to extract the contents of the ZIP file with additional free software.

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