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MP3 Album: Alfred Korzybski's 1948-1949 Seminar

MP3 Album: Alfred Korzybski's 1948-1949 Seminar

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Alfred Korzybski's 1948-1949 Intensive Seminar

by Alfred Korzybski

MP3 Album

Listen to Alfred Korzybski teach in over 37 hours of recordings from the Winter-Holiday Intensive Seminar, December 27, 1948 through January 2, 1949, affectionately known as the "flood seminar." The recording reflects the wide range of systematic concerns and human behaviors that Alfred Korzybski brought to the lecture platform. Approximate Running Time: 37 hours Available as a downloadable .zip file including 162 .mp3 audio files, a listener's guide .pdf with illustrations, and a cover image. (Note: The .zip file is 403MB and will take a little time to download.)

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