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Korzybski And...

Korzybski And...

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Korzybski And...

Edited by Corey Anton and Lance Strate

In this volume, Corey Anton and Lance Strate have carefully crafted a collection of comparisons of Korzybski's thoughts to other key philosophers and their ideas. Media, semiotics, imagination, rational thought, cultural studies, and cyberculture are only a sample of the many stimulating topics that come to life in this book ... With freshness and vision, this edited collection takes us on a thought-provoking journey connecting us to the essence of Korzybski's contribution. I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

- Karen Lollar Ph.D. Chair, Communication Arts and Sciences Metropolitan State University of Denver Author of The Talk Within: Its Central Role in Communication (2012)

The collection of essays contained within this book represent a gallant and exquisite attempt to backtrack, as well as to sidetrack and track ahead, and show how Alfred Korzybski's enterprise is indeed aligned not only with various strains and traditions in academic thought and scholarship, but with the work of a host of significant theorists from across the disciplines. As such Corey Anton, Lance Strate, and their contributors have done a great service to Korzybski's legacy, and to the continuation and expansion of general semantics as both an applied and a theoretical system. They have positioned Korzybski and his work as a locus, rather than an outlier.

- Thom Gencarelli Manhattan College

Corey Anton and Lance Strate have assembled a "wild variety" of 16 erudite essays demonstrating the past, present and continuing influence and relevance of Korzybskian general semantics. Academic specialists from diverse fields explore the "connections, intersections, and divergences" between general semantics and assorted topics ranging from phenomenology to psychotherapy to philosophy; from Heinlein to Hayakawa to Heidegger; from matters of time and temporality to the nature of human happiness. Korzybski And... is a collection not to be missed, an example of time-binding at its finest.

- Jacqueline Rudig IGS Past Vice-President

Shipped from a third-party vendor. Also available in Kindle format from Amazon and Nook format from Barnes & Noble. 322 pp. ISBN 098275597X. 9 x 6 x 0.8 inches.

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