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E-Prime III!: A Third Anthology

E-Prime III!: A Third Anthology

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E-Prime III!: A Third Anthology

Edited by D. David Bourland, Jr. and Paul Dennithorne Johnston

Foreword by Karen Cruey

The editors invited various authors to write about using E-Prime for this third E-Prime anthology.  From religion to epistemology, from practical to theoretical, from fiction to humor, this anthology reveals the many exciting new developments in E-Prime. Twelve papers came from recent general semantics symposia. Subject areas include:
  • Tutorials
  • E-Prime and Religious Writing
  • Epistemological Issues
  • Indexing Crispness
  • Non-Allness
  • Other Spectra
Three Semantic Studies:
  • E-Prime Fiction
  • E-Prime in Action
  • To the Future
Supplement I: "How Important is the Terminology of Korzybski¡¦s General Semantics?" Supplement II: "In Defense of ΣEOS and E-Prime" Supplement III: "ΣEOS: A Fourth Non-Aristotelian Model" 566 + xxvi pages. 6 x 9 inches.

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