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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 80:1

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 80:1

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Letter from the Editor; David Sobelman, "Addendum to Prof on First"; Thomas J. Farrell, "Walter Ong, Marshall McLuhan, and Eric McLuhan’s Two Books on
Menippean Satire"; Lance Strate, "The Issue of Is: A Commentary on the
Case against the Verb 'To Be'"; Devkumar Trivedi, "To Know or Not to Know to Be-Lieve or Not to Be-Lieve [That Is the Question]"; Diane Cypkin, "The Prophet Ignored: Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky and the Coming of the Holocaust"; Martin H. Levinson, "What the Fuck: Examining an “Obscene” Term"; Gina Valenti, "Art as a Counter-Environment during Lockdown"; Stan Kozikowski, "The Unread and Unknown Beowulf, Monstrous Evil, Ephesians VI 11–15, Psychomachia, and Negligible Tolkien: Revisiting with General Textual Semantics"; Martin H. Levinson and Katherine Liepe-Levinson, "Selections from Signal Reactions and
Other Poems": Katherine-Liepe Levinson, "Happier Than Me," Martin H. Levinson, "Is Everybody Happy?" Katherine Liepe-Levinson, "From All Over," Martin H. Levinson, "Labels," Katherine Liepe-Levinson, "Virtually Speaking," Martin H. Levinson, "Where It’s @," Katherine Liepe-Levinson, "Warm Waters," Martin H. Levinson, "Every Day is Earth Day," Katherine Liepe-Levinson, "Levels of Abstraction," Martin H. Levinson, "Ode to the Structural Differential"; Xristos Xousos, "Nothing in the Universe"; Xristos Xousos, "Ananda"; Andrew McLuhan, "Five Bloody Cannons"; Dale Winslow, "Transition Breathes above Desire"; Aaron R. Boyson, "Paper Cuts"; Martin H. Levinson, Book Reviews

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