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Alfred Korzybski Collected Writings: 1920-1950

Alfred Korzybski Collected Writings: 1920-1950

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Alfred Korzybski Collected Writings: 1920-1950

Collected and Arranged by M. Kendig

These formal and informal writings collected and arranged by editor M. Kendig show much of the process of Korzybski’s evolving work that led to Manhood of Humanity (1921), Science and Sanity (1933), and the founding of the Institute of General Semantics. These writings, collected under one cover for the first time, include all items by Korzybski known to have been published during his lifetime*, and some materials never before published.  In these pages we can trace the development of his work since its beginning in 1920, and some consequences of his work. The supplementary materials show that after the climactic publication of Science and Sanity, his work was just beginning.

Available in softcover. 990. xxv + 915 pp.  *Note: Collected Writings does not include Manhood of Humanity, Science and Sanity, General Semantics Seminar 1937: Olivet College Lectures, or other works by Alfred Korzybski initially published after 1990.

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