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Signal Reactions and Other Poems

Signal Reactions and Other Poems

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Signal Reactions and Other Poems

by Martin H. Levinson

Photography by Katherine Liepe-Levinson

Part of IGS's Language in Action Series

The title of this book, Signal Reactions, refers to a general semantics (GS) term signifying an instant, unthinking, subjective response to a person, place, thing, or event. These responses rarely work out well but they are so instinctive it is hard to resist them. Delaying our reactions gives us time to think about what is going on in situations, which can help us to respond more effectively. Some examples of signal and delayed reactions can be seen in the poems " The Most Exasperated Person in America" (p. 93) and "Summer's End" (pp. 139-140). Shipped from a third-party vendor. Also available in Kindle ebook format. 2021. 152 pp. ISBN 1970164042. 6x9 inches.

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