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PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 74:3-4 (2017)

PDF Version: ETC: A Review of General Semantics 74:3-4 (2017)

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ETC: A Review of General Semantics

74:3-4 (2017)

Download a searchable PDF of this double issue, featuring: "The Pathologies of Perfectionism" by Paul Watzlawick "Fanaticism: The Panhuman Disorder" by Margaret Mead "The Rise of 'Middle Region' Politics" by Joshua Meyrowitz "Television: The New State Religion?" by George Gerbner "Laws of the Media" by Marshall McLuhan "The Mystery of the Discovery of Zero" by Robert K. Logan "An Aspect of the Role of Persuasion in a Technical Society" by Jacques Ellul "Human Engineering and Social Adjustment" by Edward L. Bernays "The Information Environment" by Neil Postman "Harold Innis: A Man of His Times" by Eric A. Havelock "A Few Speculations on the Future of General Semantics" by Russell Joyner "Educational Research: The Romance of Quantification" by Charles Weingartner "The Semiotic Aspect of Alfred Korzybski's General Semantics" by Allen Walker Read "How Things Get Better" by Henry J. Perkinson "Structuralism in Reverse" by Jay Rosen "Multiordinality: A Point of Viewing" by Milton Dawes "Time-Binding in Oral Cultures" by Lance Strate "Dreamy Americans Prefer a Paper Moon to the Real Thing" by Lewis H. Lapham "Not Without Us" by Joseph Weizenbaum "Literacy as a Deviance" by Christine Nystrom "Knowledge or Certainty" by J. Bronowski "On the Recently Minted Hundred-Cent Piece" by John Updike "Undoing Babel: C.K. Ogden's Basic English" by W. Terrence Gordon "General Semantics and Practical Philosophy" by Sanford I. Berman "Silence and Paralanguage as Communication" by Joseph A. Devito "The Relevance of General Semantics" by Alvin Toffler "Toward Understanding E-Prime" by Robert Anton Wilson "How to Think Scientifically about Yourself, Other People, and Your Life Conditions" by Albert Ellis "The Computer 'Virus' as Metaphor" by Raymond Gozzi, Jr. "The Arithmetic" by Steve Allen "ETC (Volume I, Number 1) Revisited" by Martin H. Levinson, Ph.D. "Media Literacy, General Semantics, and K-12 Education" by Renee Hobbs "Korzybski and Bateson: Paradoxes in 'Consciousness of Abstracting'" by Corey Anton "Neil Postman's Advice on How to Live the Rest of Your Life" by Janet Stenberg "Young Alfred Korzybski" by Bruce I. Kodish "Appreciative Inquiry + General Semantics → IFD Disease Resistance" by Mary P. Lahman Plus Letter from the Editor.

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