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"Making Sense" Conference: DVD 1-8 Collection

"Making Sense" Conference: DVD 1-8 Collection

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The "Making Sense" Conference (2006) DVD Collection

About the "Making Sense" Conference

In 2006, the Institute of General Semantics sponsored the "Making Sense" Conference in Arlington, Texas.  The conference featured a number of presentations, including the 54th Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture by Renee Hobbs.

About the DVD Collection

DVDs of selected conference presentations are available from the Institute of General Semantics.  You may purchase a single DVD or multiple DVDs.  The DVDS are MPEG-2 quality.

 DVD 1 - Hauck, Eddy, Daffler, Jackson

  • "On Knitting Sweaters During Conferences" by Ben Hauck
  • "Making Sense Constructively" by Bob Eddy
  • "Freedom as Ego-Nihilism" by Jeff Dafler & Ross Jackson

DVD 2 - Murray, Dawes, Hilgartner - OUT OF STOCK

  • "Exploring a Fundamental Non-verbal Coherency" by R. Kerrick Murray
  • "A Universe of Rhythms" by Milton Dawes
  • "A Neglected Aspect of Time-Binding" by C. A. Hilgartner

DVD 3 - Kodish, Pate

  • "Korzybski in America" by Bruce I. Kodish
  • "Changing Futures for Families" by Sandra S. Pate

DVD 4 - Thomason, Newsom, Round, Parrish, Gordon

  • "GS in the Schieffer School of Journalism at TCU Douglas" by Tommy Thomason
  • "GS in Public Relations at TCU" by Ann Newsom
  • "Polite Discussion: A Play About Rational Discourse" by Michael Round & Mike Parrish
  • "The Semantic Person" by Erica Gordon

DVD 5 - Levinson, Bailey

  • "Emotional Intelligence" by Martin H. Levinson
  • "GS: Key to Understanding the Brain" by Charles (Ed) Bailey

DVD 6 - Miller, Bertone, Biard-Schaeffer

  • "Making Sense of Loss" by Nora Miller
  • "From the Confusion of Babel" by Laura Bertone
  • "On Regionalism" by Vanessa Biard-Schaeffer

DVD 7 - Fuhlhage, Johnson

  • "What's the Matter with Kansas?" by Mike Fuhlhage
  • "Making Sense of Change Thinging" by Andrea Johnson

DVD 8 - Hobbs, Hewson, Salaam, Stockdale, Potter, AKML

  • "Summary Panel Discussion" with Renee Hobbs, David Hewson & Abdul Salaam
  • "Closing Comments" by Steve Stockdale
  • J. Talbot Winchell Award Acceptance by Robert P. Potter, on behalf of himself and Walter W. Davis
  • 54th Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture: "Literacy in the 21st Century" by Renee Hobbs

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